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Ultramarine Eros

GIANT Stuffed Emperor Penguin | 5 Foot | Soft Big Plush

GIANT Stuffed Emperor Penguin | 5 Foot | Soft Big Plush

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THIS Giant Stuffed Emperor Penguin is 5-FEET-TALL!

You HAVE to SEE THIS very, very big, beautiful, premium quality BRAND NEW plush Penguin! This is truly an AWESOME, GIGANTIC, SUPER-HUGE, STUNNING and REAL-LOOKING giant Emperor Penguin. With it's huge yellow color belly, this big stuffed Penguin is just like REAL Emperor Penguins that slowly add more and more yellow color to their bellies as they age.

It is stuffed with soft polyester stuffing. It will stand tall and proud for you. You will absolutely LOVE this! Quality-made with premium fabric and craftsmanship; it has a supple, plush body and is made with great ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Real QUALITY. The highly detailed head, and body, makes this Penguin so amazingly LOVABLE and REAL-LOOKING! This will provide years of huggable squeezable love. It has a child-safe body, and will make memories that will never be forgotten!

This is SURE to bring a SMILE to someone's face! And they sure will remember YOU for giving such a great gift!  Measures:

60-inches tall, (from the feet up to the top of it's head) (THAT'S A Gigantic 5- FEET TALL)! -and- over 34-inches ACROSS (That's almost 3-FEET WIDE)! If you want to make someone say WOW - REALLY... W-O-W! PENGUIN ... NOW!

  • Great conversation piece.
  • Hard to find.
  • Terrific gift.
  • Made in the USA.
Weight: 40 Width: 25 Height: 25 Depth: 60
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