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Ultramarine Eros

GIANT Stuffed White Buffalo | 44 Inch | Soft Big Sacred Plush

GIANT Stuffed White Buffalo | 44 Inch | Soft Big Sacred Plush

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The WHITE BUFFALO is a Native American Indian Sacred Animal.

And this giant size soft stuffed White Buffalo is really BIG! BIG! BIG!

IT STANDS A WHOPPING 44 inches LONG and 36 inches TALL and 18 inches WIDE!

(That's almost 4-FEET LONG and more than THREE FEET TALL)!


he's FAT, SQUISHY SOFT and CUDDLY too:-)

SIZE. SOFTNESS. SQUEEZABILITY. REALISTIC FEATURES. COLOR. This stuffed WHITE Buffalo HAS IT ALL! You HAVE to SEE this big, beautiful, premium plush Buffalo IN PERSON! This is truly an AWESOME, SUPER-HUGE, STUNNING and REAL-LOOKING stuffed Buffalo.

QUICK FACT: White Buffalo are considered to be sacred signs in several Native American religions, and thus have great spiritual importance in those cultures. Well, if this stuffed white buffalo brings any extra good luck, that would just be the "icing on the cake", right?

This beautiful beast is stuffed with a mixture of squishy soft filling and very firm filling. It's face, horns and extremities are VERY SOFT; and it's torso is very firm. This makes it stand proud and tall, and is still pleasingly squishy and snuggly. You will absolutely LOVE it. The highly detailed head, face and body makes this plush Buffalo so amazingly LOVABLE! And it's life-like horns and facial features make it a true standout.

Quality-made in the USA with premium fabric and craftsmanship and great ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Real QUALITY.

This is the ultimate in soft, plush Buffalo luxury. Perfect for cuddling and loving! (Just don't EAT it:-)

This is SURE to bring a giant SMILE to someone's face! And they sure will remember YOU for giving such a great and memorable gift!

Measures: over 44-inches  (THAT'S ALMOST 4 FEET LONG)!

and over 36-inches  (THAT'S MORE THAN 3 FEET TALL)!

If you want to make someone say WOW -
Then GET This Gigantic Stuffed White B!

  • Great conversation piece.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hard to find.
  • Terrific gift.

Weight: 20 Width: 20 Height: 20 Depth: 40

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